How luxury permeated into kidswear and ushered the path to growth of the segment over time

The kids’ luxury fashion industry has traversed a long way in recent years. It is on the path of a promising growth trajectory with the ability to claim a major share of the apparel industry as a whole. There was a time when it was almost unimaginable to envisage kidswear as a separate segment. But at present, it is highly considered a segment equivalent to the adult fashion industry and is growing with leaps and bounds by expanding into a niche category of the luxury kidswear fashion industry.   

 Previously, the kidswear market was majorly driven by regular, thus, functional outfits. Consumer behavior underwent a paradigm shift with the help of internet penetration, mediating globalization at a rapid rate which shaped the evolving dressing habits of kids. It played an instrumental role in unifying the country with the world via exposure to global fashion trends in the kids’ segment. 

 Millennial parents have majorly contributed to this change. Being a part of the digital transformation, the generation has developed a certain sense of fashion and has become brand conscious owing to the seamless access to the trends in vogue. Eventually, the behavior permeated to their kids as well with the desire of millennial parents to don their children with the latest fashion style. Likewise, the children themselves did not share the same behavior as their erstwhile peers who more often were seen twinning with their siblings or handed over elders’ clothes. This practice underwent a massive shift as the kids emerged as independent consumers. They had the flexibility to choose their clothes and experiment with fashion the way they liked. More often being influenced by the adult fashion style, the segment observed a refinement in the taste of kids’ fashion. This gave way to couture creations even for kids which earlier were limited to adult fashion.  

 Where interaction with social media was shaping the parent’s taste for accentuating kids’ looks with fashionable clothing lines, the emergence of e-commerce as a result of the digital revolution was bolstering the kidswear segment in its own way. The internet penetration acted as a gateway for e-commerce to materialize. The new-age parents being tech savvy found solace in online shopping perfectly suiting their new lifestyle and busy schedule. It brought with itself coming of age experience where customers could surf through a wide assortment of options that too within the comfort of their homes. Online shopping saved parents from unnecessary scouts to physical stores for shopping clothes for their kids and at the same time helped them compare the price points of the products.  

 Cumulatively, the emerging kids dressing habits and the coming up of e-commerce together attracted luxury brands to enter the Indian market. Previously where premium kids’ clothing was reserved only for the affluent class, retail e-commerce created accessibility for luxury kids’ brands as well. The international luxury brands were foresighted to see the immense opportunity in the segment. Where once kidswear was a functional segment, with so many changes going hand-on-hand, it transpired to resurrect the fashion lines of kids as a whole. The emergence of various social media platforms has further given the desired impetus to the industry, where children these days stay updated with fashion in vogue. It has made it easier for them to get a glimpse of trending styles, attires, patterns, etc.  

The rate at which the kids’ fashion industry has shaped up, it is no longer limited to attires but has expanded to a complete product range for kids. Nowadays the kidswear segment offers a wide assortment of products from accessories to utility commodities, shoes, furniture, etc. within the gamut of luxury kids’ fashion. The segment is acing the offerings to fulfill end-to-end children’s requirements and aspirations. Though the segment has achieved an impressive milestone, there is no dearth of opportunities that the segment still needs to explore. Looking at the potential of the kidswear segment, the future seems very impressive where a lot of new offerings will be added to the segment. 



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